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              220 Market Street Brookville Ohio                                     
The All American Store was started in January 2010 in the small rural community of Brookville, Ohio.  Our goal is to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.  With the exception of some fasteners - every item that we sell is either made or assembled in the United States.  We do this for the American worker – their families – the communities they live in – and the United States of America. 

The concept was actually created during the tumultuous financial crisis our country faced in the fall of 2008.  Bank failures, mortgage crisis, bailouts and massive layoffs all centered around one basic variable - quality jobs are leaving this country at an accelerated rate.  Some notable trends:

  • In the 1960’s America was the leading manufacturer of electronic appliances.
  • Today software engineer positions are being farmed out to workers in India and China.

The All American Store – “Building America one purchase at a time.”

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