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Outdoor Bags and Packs

  • Frost River Camp Kitchen Pack

    If you can’t feed the crew in style from the contents of this pack then something’s seriously wrong. Whether you’re in the Boundary Waters with “the boys” or at your bush camp for deer season, the camp cook will appreciate...

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  • Frost River Old No. 3 Pack

    Wind and rain lash at the tent all night long. It’s day seven on your two week BWCAW canoe trip. After a soggy breakfast you pack the gear into the Frost River No. 3 Pack where it rides snug and dry. The canoes launch onto the Frost River just as...

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  • Frost River Old No. 7 Pack

    You might as well put this classic box style pack in your will since it almost certainly will outlast you. Built large and boxy for bulky gear. Good for canoe campers who just simply like to bring the kitchen sink, thank you.   Full of features,...

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