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What We Believe

We believe an effective and simple solution to end our country’s decline is to buy what Americans  produce.  When you purchase an item made or assembled in America you are supporting a fellow American’s job.     

When you buy a foreign product, however, the opposite occurs. Nowhere is this more evident than comparing the City of Detroit, Michigan to Wenzhou, China.  In the 1950’s Detroit was known as the manufacturing capital of the world.  At its height the city had over 1.5 million people living and working there.   Today, that number has been reduced by over 60%.

 Since the late 1970’s, Wenzhou, China has grown from a small rice field - dotted community to encompass 300,000 companies employing over 3 million workers.   

At the All American Store every item you purchase supports a fellow American.  Together let’s get America back to work.  

The All American Store – “Building America one purchase at a time.”

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